You ask most weekend warriors what their thoughts are about stretching and I bet the answer would be that it sucks!
Necessary, but no fun, no p.b.'s to be gained, I doubt if anyone posts on twitter about how great their stretch session was that day, just the same old stretches for 5 minutes (if you remember) and job done. 

We want to change that!
Because flexibility is just as important as strength and power. 
  • Mobility matters.
  • It Increases performance and
  • Provides well-balanced fitness.

Here at Strechii we help people reach their physical and mental peak.  Trained in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy our teacher offers an unique perspective in guiding you to receive the best possible all-round mind and body programme.

Whether your aim is to reduce pain and discomfort or to enhance your sports performance, we give you an effective class which empowers you to feel involved and in control of every step of your journey toward optimal health and performance.
  • A flexible body is more efficient, is more easily trained to strength and endurance, enjoys more range of motion, stays balanced more easily, is less prone to injury, recovers from workouts more quickly, and feels better.
  • Our aim is to provide you with a friendly and positive environment in which you can focus on achieving your own physical peak, whatever your goal.    
"Life is like riding a bicycle.  In order to keep balance you must keep moving"     Einstein

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