About your Teacher

Louise has been studying and working as an Advanced Clinical and Sports massage therapist for the last 20 years and has achieved a level 6, the highest degree level qualification in this field, and is 1 of only 30 therapists in the UK to reach this attainment.  She studied Advanced Stretching Techniques with Jing Institute of advanced bodywork in Brighton.

During her time as a  sports therapist, Louise has come across many injuries.  Injuries that may have been prevented if the body was in balance.  With this in mind Louise has designed a dynamic stretch programme aiming to prevent injury and bring balance back to the body. 

"After writing a thesis on stretching and studying the most current research on the role that stretching plays in injury prevention, I found that there is a need for flexibility training.  A healthy Joint needs a balance of strength and flexibility to function to its optimum level.  Its not about being able to touch your toes from standing this is about being in the best shape you can to avoid injury and illness."

For more information about Louise and her bodywork please visit  www.essentialbodywork.co.uk