Our classes are effective and completely unique, we offer expert advise and guidance in flexibility training from a highly trained bodywork therapist.  Whether you are interested in flexibility training to enhance your sports performance, as a stand alone exercise, or for injury rehabilitation you'll find that our specialised programme, which uses a combination of advanced stretching techniques, trigger point therapy and mindful meditation, will leave you feeling more balanced.

Our programme can help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to attain well-being, flexibility, and with numbers limited to 12 you will be guaranteed individual attention. 

Being fit is not just about being strong.  It is also feeling fully mobile, no restrictions and free in your body. 

Every week we focus on a specific area of the body:-

  • Week one   - The Back
  • Week two   - Neck and Shoulder
  • Week three - Hip and pelvis
  • Week four   - Arms, Legs, hands and feet

Transformation is not a future event it is a present day activity

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